It all started with a C64 and Maniac Mansion. It was then a Commodore Amiga and Monkey Island. At that time, I was reading a french gaming magazine called Génération 4 and my only aim in life was to get each and every game that was featured in it. I was exchanging floppy disks with my schoolmates and my neighbours. At some point, I even paid a monthly fee to a shady guy who could get me any game that was coming out. I had more than a thousand floppy disks, my collection was my pride. I must admit that I was spending more time collecting games than actually gaming…

It’s with my first PC and games like Quake II that I really started spending time in front of my screen. I failed my first year at university because I was playing Diablo I instead of studying. When Diablo II came out, I almost failed my exams again, but I finally made it 🙂

World of Warcraft brought it to an other level… When Sisqi joined me in the game, we went all the way, we dedicated an entire room of our apartment to our gaming and we mostly go on vacation in function of our gaming.

I also enjoy writing stories. For the moment, they’re mostly about my goofy adventures in video games, but, one day, I’ll finally write all those lovecraftian adventures I have in my head (before they drive me mad, I hope).

My nickname “Gamrok” is a contraction of two things I enjoy: GAMes and ROcK.


Before I’ve met my husband, the awesome Gamrok, games weren’t at all a part of my life. My family saw video games as an unspeakable evil for guys and a radical no-go for girls. Instead, I dedicated my life to art, and shared my love for all things geek, hidden, with my friends. My biggest passions being all things horror, sci-fi, fantasy and “Cthulhu”.

One day, Gamrok stepped into my life and introduced me to the wonderful world of video games. He bought me my first console, a Nintendo DS, and my first game ever, Animal Crossing . Weird enough, I was very sceptical at first, but I loved it so much, I got completely hooked.

At that time, Gammy was already playing World of Warcraft. It took me about 4 years before I finally jumped on that train as well. For years, WoW has been my favourite game, my passion and provided the most fun community.

Why the name Sisqi? Well, one day the name caught my eye while reading the “Memory, Sorrow and Thorn” series by Tad Williams. I found the little Sisqinanamook, such a lovely character… I started naming most of my characters after her.

    A word of caution: English isn’t our first language. While we do our best, we may occasionally butcher your language. Our apologies!