Here is a collection of websites we regularly visit. If you think that we're missing something, don't hesitate to contact us.

Path of Exile

Enki’s Arc WitchA beginner & SSF-friendly Mind over Matter Caster.
Neversink’s indepth Tornado & Archer guideOne of the best class guide in all Path of Exile.
Neversink's LootfilterThe best endgame & leveling lootfilter for PoE.
PoE GoodsThe place to trade items in PoE.
Sovyn’s Lazy PallyTanky templar with max block.

World of Warcraft

Bellular GamingWorld of Warcraft Legion news, guides & much more.
Blizzard WatchNews and views about WoW and other Blizzard games.
Dark Legacy ComicsOur Favourite WoW Comics.
Eyes of the BeastBendak’s views on WoW Hunters.
MMO ChampionWoW News.
PetopiaHunter Pet Database.
Simple ArmoryArmory and achievement planner.
WowheadA lot of Datas, and I mean a lot!