Here is a collection of blogs, Youtube channels and websites we regularly visit. If you think that we're missing something, don't hesitate to contact us.

Path of Exile

Enki’s Arc WitchA beginner & SSF-friendly Mind over Matter Caster.
Neversink’s indepth Tornado & Archer guideOne of the best class guide in all Path of Exile.
Neversink's LootfilterThe best endgame & leveling lootfilter for PoE.
PoE GoodsThe place to trade items in PoE.
Sovyn’s Lazy PallyTanky templar with max block.

World of Warcraft

Alunaria's AvenueAn inspiring blog, filled with beautiful sceneries and great adventures.
AnnInWonderland in AzerothA blog about adventures in Azeroth with a section about vegetarian leveling.
BellularA very informative Youtube channel about WoW.
BryssaThe Art of the Casual.
Cinder SaysCinder enjoys writing about her adventures in Azeroth.
Coffee, Cakes and CritsA World of Warcraft blog with healer related posts.
Dark Legacy ComicsSimply the best WoW comic.
Eyes of the BeastA site dedicated to the hunter class.
Icy VeinsAll there is to know about your class.
Kamalia et AliaA resto shaman and “her sisters and her cousins and her aunts”.
MMO ChampionThe latest news about WoW.
NixxiomMachinima at its best.
PetopiaAll about hunter pets.
Simple ArmoryA great tool for mount collectors.
Syrco OwlThe adventures of Syrco in World of Warcraft, and in other games.
WowheadDo I seriously need to describe Wowhead?
Z and Cinder’s blog challengeEncouraging people to blog about what they love, and helping them find other blogs that they might like to read.
Z is for ZeirahA (mostly) World of Warcraft blog with chatter about other games at times.