SV Hunter solo ICC 10

I’d been raiding ICC back in LK with my resto druid every week and I never had the chance to get Precious’ Ribbon. Yesterday, Precious finally dropped his damn ribbon, […]

Lil' Bling

Lil’ Bling

Finally got something useful from a Blingtron. I still can’t believe it. After all this time… I always summoned my own, but, yesterday, I saw that there were plenty of […]

The new Gamrok

The new Gamrok

Thanks to the Wowhead profiler, we can see what our characters will look like in Warlords of Draenor. I’m pretty happy with the new looks of Gamrok. My apologies in […]


The Haunting in Elwynn Forest

It was a beautiful autumn morning. I was crossing Elwynn forest to gank low levels try my new chopper. Everything was back to normal, Garrosh was about to be sentenced […]


What in WoW reminds you of your home?

Due to the lack of time and most of all, the lack of a blog, I didn’t participate to Blog Azeroth Shared Topic a few weeks ago (or should I […]


Revamping the Orc lady

Maybe this already is old news but, man, am I excited to see “Siskie”‘s new look in WoD. The revamp of the female Orc is awesome. Goodbye blank stare, hello […]



What a liar that Mei Francis! I am far from being the first to receive the Hearthsteed. Let’s be honest, it’s not my kind of mount, but I enjoy that […]