The Brutes have gone hippie

The brutes are now druids, but don’t worry, they’re still very brutal, only a bit softer (mostly because of the feathers). Read further to know why we changed our main chatacters.

Leveling in Morrowind (2/2)

Our great Elder Scrolls Online adventure has come and gone… What’s behind such a radical change? When we both got confronted with the clunky gameplay, it broke the deal for Sisqi and I.

Leveling in Morrowind (1/2)

Morrowind is gorgeous, many places are breathtaking, exploring such a fantastic landscape and all the caves and dungeons it holds feels like a true adventure. ESO is filled with promises.

Grim Dawn – Ashes of Malmouth (2/2)

Three weeks ago, Gamrok and I were highly praising Grim Dawn in this blog, and yes, we had a lot of fun until we had reached the end of Act 5.

Grim Dawn – Ashes of Malmouth (1/2)

The first expansion of Grim Dawn is out and it brought a lot of new stuff to this already great Hack’n Slash: new class masteries, increased level cap, 2 new chapters,… You can check the complete list of new features here. After having spent most afternoons of our first week of Halloween holidays fighting our […]

Who is Gamrok?

I don’t really have a background story for Gamrok… He doesn’t come out of a tale filled with heroism… Instead, I always pictured him being a mix between two different personalities. His first half would be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for his heroic image and his muscles. No challenge seems big enough for such a […]

Class Fantasy, Nay or Yay?

This time Z & Cinder wonder whether “Blizzard nailed it on the head, or is it just leaving you cold and wanting to re-write the way your toon’s class is portrayed”. Blog challenge accepted! I’ve always been a die hard fan of class specific lore so, my answer to the question is most definitely: “Yay, […]

Day of the Tentacle

Both Sisqi and I have been reading Lovecraft’s books since we were kids. We love everything related to the Cthulhu mythos: novels, comic books, video games,… The idea of ancient beings, hidden in the dark corners of the earth, manipulating the mind of the humans, has always been one of our favourite plots in fantasy. […]

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