What’s in you bags?

Another great project from Z & Cinder! This time, we get the opportunity to show what’s in our bags.


I use Arkinventory to sort my bags. It’s my all-time favourite addon, the one I couldn’t live without. You just have to define a few rules, then it sorts your bags into groups. I use the same profile for all my characters, that’s why I’ll only show you Gamrok’s bag.

    A. My accesories, including: Hearthstones, treasure maps, Jeeves, whistle, gnomish army knife,…
    B. Quest items;
    C. Pet battle items;
    D. Fun Stuff (party grenades and awesomefish);
    E. Artifacts;
    F. Pandaria farm items (I don’t know why I still carry that around);
    G. Crafting & cooking material;
    H. Fishing lures and equipment;
    I. Archeology;
    J. Consumables;
    K. Everything that doesn’t belong to the other categories.


As you can see, I’m far from being as neat and tidy as Gamrok (in real life and in game ;p). I use the default bags, which are filled with whatever clutter I find and which I’m not sure whether I should keep or get rid of.

    A. Some consumables like food, potions,… and profession equipment for first-aid and fishing;
    B. A huge mess consisting of some quest items, consumables, champion equipment,… and… stuff that I don’t really know what to do with;
    C. More consumables (never can have enough food it seems ;p), profession mats, a quest item (again) and Sentinax beacons;
    D. All my important stuff that I can’t accidentally get rid off: Hearthstones, treasure maps, currencies, whistle, my artifact weapons for SV and MM,…
    E. Crappy gear that I still need to hold on to, even more quest items, some special fishing lure and my Master Hunter and Hunter’s Seeking Crystals.

All in all, we may have a very diferent way to organize our bags, but their content is pretty much the same. Our only wish is that we would have less clutter to carry around, like the treasure maps,… Crafting materials could have a tab of their own, where they would stack infinitely (like in Guild Wars 2, I believe). And, last but not least, we should have the possibility to upgrade the backpack. Maybe will we see it in a future expansion pack.

A day in the life of your toon

We stumbled upon a few bloggers doing this challenge from Z & Cinder, and it got us thinking about what a day in the life of Sisqi and Gamrok would be like.

Gamrok’s day

Just like everyday, I don’t wait for the sun to rise, I get up and I do my exercises: one thousand push-ups (on one hand) and 5 rounds of Orgrimmar, I don’t even break a sweat. What did you think, that I had these fabulous muscles for free, it takes a lot of work, you know?!

Then, I go to the market to buy some groceries. My awesome new tattoos don’t go unnoticed, a group of young nymphets scream when they see me, but I’m used to it and I don’t even look at them.

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