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Last weekend, Gamrok and I pre-purchased “Battle for Azeroth”. Naturally, our first concern was which character to spend our 110 boost on. After “serious” thinking, we decided to both boost a Death Knight.

Saturday afternoon we spent the day leveling our DK’s to 60 before applying the boost. To my surprise there were a ton of people leveling in Hellfire Peninsula. It was fun seeing so many people enjoying the old content. The gameplay with the DK was very enjoyable as well. It felt like I was on a killing spree with an unstoppable juggernaut. Another thing I really love is the lore, it reminds me so much of the Dragonlance series. Hence why I named my character, Kittiara.

From the moment we dinged 60, we eagerly hit the boost button… everthing went fine, until we had to run a Legion dungeon. It was one of those speedruns again… like most dungeon runs these days, and that’s where it all went wrong. We both realized that we don’t like melee DPS in groups. Simply because we don’t like to run after the mobs before we can hit them. That was the moment when we missed our druids again, the shapeshifting, the ranged DPS and the healing for Gamrok.

TLDR, DK’s are fun, but I realized that I don’t like melee DPS in groups. I guess that we’ll be druids for life.

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  1. Oh, Dragonlance, hubby read that 🙂

    First I was like, wow you levelled a character all the way to 60 already!? Then i was like….Right. DeathKnight 😀

    Glad you are having fun 🙂 I tried it many years ago, and did feel super powerful. But I hear you on the Melee DPS and missing Druids (obviously..!)

    Check out these claws! 🙂

  2. @Alunaria: Hey Alu ? After 10 years of ranged dps, I’m now trying to get used to melee… I’m sure that with a little bit of patience and practice I’ll get better (well, I hope… hehe…)

    @Wildeheart: Hello and thank you for your comment, Wilde ? I’ve only seen the beginning until now, it looks pretty great indeed. I sure will finish it all before BfA comes out ^^ I guess you’ve finished all the storylines?

  3. @Sisqi Yes I have done all the story lines. I’m a bit of an altoholic and love to explore all the lore in Wow.

    @Gamrok and @Alunaria The Blog will come. I got stuck into things and other things often take a back shelp but the blog is something I really,really, want to do. The main opener hinges on something that is getting closer by the day. I know that is vague and I do hope any anticipations will have been worth the wait when It does go live. Thank you for asking. <3

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